What operating systems are supported?

Windows 10

How many sources can I manage with CONNECTi?

CONNECTi supports up to 5 video sources

What type of input video sources are supported?

CONNECTi supports any UVC (USB Video Class) compliant device which outputs YUY2.*

*Integrated webcams are not currently supported

CONNECTi also supports NDI HX streams and NDI full streams (NDI HX requires additional NDI HX driver installation on PC).

How do end users see CONNECTi vs administrators?

CONNECTi is architected with a configurator and a service.

CONNECTi administrators will use the configurator application to set up and configure CONNECTi virtual camera and preview settings. Once this is done it is set for all users of the PC.

End users will see any set preview windows for input sources, but will not access the configurator application.

Can I set CONNECTi preview windows to minimised on login?

Yes, you can choose to have CONNECTi preview windows minimised or maximised each time a user logs in. See Preview Window Settings